Utilizing Automation and AI for Better, Safer at Home Healthcare Services

The demand for at home healthcare services is growing. To meet this surging need, home care services providers have to update their tech and empower their deskless workers.
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There are approximately 15 million home care patients in the United States. Most of them are the sick, the elderly, and patients who live in rural areas. Due to these patient’s circumstances, the demand for at home healthcare services is growing. Also, in light of the global pandemic, governments and healthcare agencies are advising people to remain indoors and go out only when it’s necessary, further driving the need for home health services.

Industry experts expect the at home healthcare services market to increase its value from $181.9 billion in 2020 to $274.7 billion by 2025. Without a doubt, the home healthcare services industry is growing, and healthcare organizations that offer such services need to digitally transform and adapt if they are to remain relevant and competitive.

To drive this digital transformation of at home healthcare, service providers need to invest in and embrace emerging technologies, specifically automation and artificial intelligence, to achieve greater levels of operational efficiency, while reducing costs and delivering quality home care services to their patients.

How Automation Enhances At Home Healthcare

Automation can impact multiple aspects of at home healthcare operations, including scheduling, data intake, notifications, asset management, inventory management, patient management and more. By automating time-intensive tasks, home care services providers can streamline many of their processes, optimize their personnel and assets, and reduce errors caused by analog systems.

For instance, patients can submit requests for appointments and the system automatically sets the dates for patient visits. The same system automatically creates schedules and assigns tasks for the field-based healthcare teams.

As automation supports various facets of at home healthcare operations including field-based healthcare service, organizations can become more efficient with their services. With this tech, healthcare personnel can dispatch field teams and supply them with the necessary information and equipment so they are able to get to the patient faster and provide the necessary home health services or products without delay.

The Immense Impact of AI in Home Health Services

Artificial intelligence, or AI, helps at home healthcare services providers utilize their data so they can further streamline their processes and improve the quality of their services. With AI, home healthcare companies can optimize schedules and assign tasks to the most qualified teams based on expertise, assets, and proximity to patients.

Through AI-powered analytics, schedulers can prioritize patient appointments, optimize routes for field teams, and derive insights from tons of data in real-time to help with their decision-making.

AI can analyze patient data, including medical reports, visit history, and others to create a comprehensive picture of their health. If certain patients are at risk of developing medical conditions, the system will automatically alert the providers so they can dispatch a team on site and perform preventive care.

Deliver Quality At Home Healthcare with GoDeskless

The GoDeskless is a cloud subscription software which offers a pre-built, all mobile-native tool for field workforce scheduling scenarios, making it a perfect home health care resource scheduling solution for healthcare organizations. It automates time-intensive processes such as data gathering, patient registrations, scheduling home visits, task assignment, and more. The platform also extends CRM capabilities to field-based healthcare teams, enabling them to access patient information and deliver a more personalized and tailored service.

GoDeskless field service solutions can be tailored to perform unique business processes, in this case, home health care operations. Once customized, GoDeskless can be deployed to help at home healthcare companies, hospices, and government agencies deliver high-quality, unique, and personalized medical care to patients at their homes.

Getting COVID-19 Vaccines to Home Care Patients

At home healthcare companies can deliver COVID-19 vaccinations to patients who opt to receive inoculations at home. Considering the large number of home-based patients, this vaccination program will require a large-scale deployment of healthcare workers in the field. With GoDeskless platform’s native field service capabilities, healthcare workers assigned to vaccination efforts become more effective, more productive, and will be able to reach more patients.

Patients who want to have themselves vaccinated can simply log on to a web portal designated by their respective county health departments, healthcare providers, and other health agencies, and register their information. Onced registered, the system will automatically generate a visit request on the GoDeskless app. By leveraging AI, the system will now generate a vaccination schedule based on the prevailing criteria set by the COVID-19 vaccine provider or agency, as well as the availability of vaccines, and patients’ preferences. If there is a schedule available, the patient will be notified immediately through the same app, ensuring they are well informed and make the necessary preparations and precautions.

Efficient, Streamlined Home Healthcare with GoDeskless

At GoDeskless, we can offer at home healthcare providers and companies with a unified, mobile-native application for data gathering, communication, collaboration, scheduling, reporting, and monitoring.

Integrated with AI and ML, the GoDeskless platform easily interfaces with existing medical websites, online health portals, medical CRMs, EHRs, and ERPs, useful integrations in streamlining home healthcare operations.

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