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With goDeskless, your people in the field can access customer information, features, schedules, and updates anywhere and anytime.
Field Employees

Traditional CRM solutions confine your employees to their desks and hurt their productivity as they go out in the field. Meanwhile, customers are forced to connect and engage with desk-bound employees in an age where business interactions happen in real-time and through smart devices. Your customers are left in the dark about their scheduled service, and do not know who to communicate or engage with. This arrangement creates friction at multiple points of the customers’ journey, effectively hurting the quality of their experience with your organization.

Though the common CRM field service platforms provide tools to automate the end to end service flow, they fail to address the above mentioned pain-points, namely experience friction, and service engagement transparency in the field. However, AI-powered field workforce automation platforms seamlessly connect field employees to your company’s CRM software. With GoDeskless, your people in the field can access customer information, features, schedules, and updates anywhere and anytime. This allows for the two-way engagement between customers and field workers, eliminating the need to communicate through a person behind the desk, while providing complete visibility to the customer about the onsite visit. The experience is the same as when you track your scheduled ride through the ride-scheduling apps such as Uber and Lyft.

Why is extending CRM capabilities to field employees so powerful? And what are the logistics of achieving this setup? Read on to find out.

The Need for Seamless, Transparent Customer Engagement in Last Mile Service

Here’s a challenge faced by many enterprises: Most conventional, office-based CRMs don’t come with built-in connectors. This integration unreadiness forces enterprises to invest in bespoke connectors for their CRMs to hook up with and support other business applications. Going down this route can be costly for any enterprise, as development, testing, and implementation can be both time and resource-intensive.

Platforms like GoDeskless, on the other hand, provide out-of-the-box CRM connectors that enable you to link the tool with your company’s current CRM software. It takes out complicated challenges and issues that typically stem from a CRM integration. GoDeskless also has a pre-built CRM application plug-in designed to enable CRM employees to directly engage and interact with their customers from their CRM desktop tool.

GoDeskless reduces CRM costs by greatly reducing the need to manage the demand “behind the desk”, thus significantly reducing opex spending. Moreover, the pre-configured CRM connectors eliminate the need to custom develop complex CRM integrations, thus removing heavy customization costs.

CRM integration equates to faster deployment and implementation by your field personnel. In turn, productivity improves, without them being tethered to a desk and a PC.

Unlocking An All-Mobile Experience

Using too many unconnected, unsupported business applications result in multiple data silos. Information is disorganized and unsynchronized, leading to multiple versions of the truth. Many companies struggle with this scenario.

GoDeskless elevates the last mile service experience for your customers as well as your field workers. This is achieved by untethering/disassociating the necessity to communicate through the CRM application, and elevating it to a dedicated engagement platform in the cloud. The cloud engagement layer uses GoDeskless’s patent-pending AI layers to connect the demand (your customers) with the supply (your field workers) and allows them to engage with each other directly without needing the “behind the desk” CRM user to manage this engagement, while registering all the transactional as well as engagement information in the CRM system of records.

GoDeskless’ seamless integration with your CRM means all information across systems and enterprises are unified and updated instantly. Your field sales teams get a single version of the truth, regardless of the source.

When you achieve this level of pre-integrated CRM connectivity, your field employees don’t have to lug their clunky laptops and pray for stable internet connectivity in their location. Field sales as well as service teams, technicians, and managers can get in touch with their customers and office-based counterparts directly from their mobile devices.

Customer information is right in the palm of their hands. A few taps and they can view schedules, instructions, routes, updates, and more effortlessly. Built-in video chat with the customer allows the field workers to visually inspect the scope of the work and perhaps even resolve it, without physically being there. This level of remote and secure engagement is crucial in the pandemic period. Gathering new customer information, supplying reports with images and videos becomes a breeze, and uploading data to the CRM is as simple as a few clicks.

Likewise, the customers have a transparent view of their requests. They can track the field workers in the field, and are aware of the precise time when the field worker will be at the premises (unlike the standard “four hour window” rule exercised by enterprises today). They can quickly engage with the field worker (and vice versa) using their smart device, just the way we communicate through leading social interactivity apps.

Automating Lengthy Processes

Some business processes require more steps and requisites to be completed. However, in the current business climate, where speed is imperative, waiting for the upper management’s decision can mean watching opportunities go down the drain.

GoDeskless eliminates this by automating traditionally lengthy CRM processes such as reporting and approvals. Decision-making is streamlined, helping sales reps, managers, technicians, and other members of the deskless workforce to close more deals, and cross-sell and upsell relevant products and services.

Sales reps no longer have to physically submit reports, proposals, and orders to the office. GoDeskless allows them to take customer orders right at the site, submit them in real-time, and have them approved in moments.

Full Pipeline Visibility

With this setup, regardless of internet connectivity, your deskless teams can access CRM data and always enjoy visibility into your sales pipeline. Your sales teams can manage and monitor each customer and oversee the progress of each deal without missing any crucial information.

With pipeline visibility from the field, sales reps identify which customers take priority and tailor the engagement based on previous interactions, past purchases, web activities, and so on. This enables your field sales teams to provide customers with the best service and offer them deals with the best conversion probabilities.

Compliance is also positively impacted. Management can track their sales reps’ activities, capture essential performance metrics, and ensure all requisite actions have been performed before they go on to the next stage of their pipeline.

The Customer Benefits As Well

Customers demand faster response and resolution from companies they do business with. Using office-based CRMs pressures them to make contact with sales agents who work behind a desk, while most of their interactions happen with sales reps and technicians.

GoDeskless’ frictionless CRM integration allows for communication and collaboration between customers and field employees. GoDeskless users can contact customers via their mobile CRM app and vice versa. With this, customers can feed field employees with information and insights in real-time, such as their current issues, their preferred schedules, and more, resulting in delightful mobile engagement experiences for both parties.

The result? A drastically improved customer experience, on top of the optimized operations for the company. Everyone wins.

The GoDeskless Impact

CRM solutions have been critical tools for modern businesses and it will remain so for a long time. However, as consumers demand mobile communications and collaboration brands they do business with, it’s vital that companies ensure their field employees possess the CRM capabilities to meet and interact with customers where they are and satisfy their expectations then and there.

GoDeskless brings CRM tools and processes to the field. More than this, GoDeskless provides enterprises with a comprehensive cloud enablement strategy that is tailored to enhance existing business capabilities while unleashing the full potential of your deskless workforce.

Last but not least: The changed demographics have shifted the global business paradigm toward the “economy of convenience”. Gen-Z consumers are trusting their app-based on-demand service deliveries over the traditional business models. GoDeskless allows traditional businesses to adopt this “convenience” business model and modernize their approach for changing demographic desires.

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