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At goDeskless, we understand you choose products and partnerships to drive your business forward. Our objective is to partner with you and accelerate your field services to the next level.

We’re 100% dedicated to our objective and specially designed to increase your productivity, reduce your support costs, and exceed your customer’s expectations.


Our Core Values

Good is not an acceptable goal. Excellence is.

Driven by our core values, we bring transparency and integrity to all of our customers. We value feedback and are motivated by the success of our customers. We continuously strive to encourage curiosity and innovation to fully equip your field workforce to deliver service excellence.

Our Team


Steve Holton



Ashish Joshi

Founder & CTO


Hari Gutlapalli

Co-Founder & Chief Architect

Erin Kozlak

Erin Kozlak

VP Global Revenue


Rahul Tiwari

EVP & MD goDeskless India

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