Laptops are now excess baggage

Achieve maximum productivity with complete flexibility

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All mobile

Mobile experience for both dispatchers/managers, as well as field technicians

Available Offline

Don’t let the connectivity affect your work. Access critical operations/tasks and information regardless of your connectivity status

Connected with your CRM

Pre-integrated with top CRM field service applications for closed-loop experience

plan your day ahead.jpg

Plan your day ahead, stay connected with your appointments

Everyone can use a personal assistant. You are always on the road servicing the assets, as well as customers. Get a quick snapshot of your day as you start and recommendations on the best routes.

My Day

Calendar & Map View of the day’s work with intuitive details & reminders

One-click Route

Get the best route plan with one click

Proactive notifications

Notifications delivered within your CRM desktop. Never miss an opportunity to interact with the customer again

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Increase efficiency through action-oriented, contextual menus

Field operations have traditionally been manual. Increase the efficiency remarkably via personalized, role-based, action-oriented work menus.

Personalized, Role-based Global Dashboard

A consolidated view of your past, present, and future work assignments

Contextual actions

Work-specific menus and actions tailored to fast-track the process and complete the tasks

Automated Processes

Significantly reduced process time means faster completion and beating SLA targets

asset based service visibility.jpg

Stay ahead of the plan by knowing the asset’s work history

Knowing the service history can help solve half the problems. Access the asset’s service history and associated details.

Asset Calendar

View past, present, and future work assigned to the asset

Service Logs

Access service logs to check the work details and gain context


Proactively schedule next set of work orders and tasks based on asset’s service history

stay ahead.jpg

Turn escalations into customer satisfaction opportunities

Escalations are part of the work life. Know your team’s availability and field location in real-time and have the nearest and best person reach out for help. Turn escalations into customer satisfaction.

Customer-centric view

Access customer’s historical service information. Make educated recommendations to gain customers’ trust


Never miss your customers again with pinpoint geo-locations

Cut escalations

Visual collaboration via built-in video chat helps interact with experts to solve the issues faster


Let the product think the best options for you while you focus on the work

Everyone faces the “what do I do next” situation. Let the contextual actions present you the right options based on nature of work, as well as asset. Save time focusing on work via quick and efficient work completion.

Context-driven menu

Get presented with the right actions at the right time

Automated work forms

Built-in work forms based on action plans, as well as asset type

Knowledge recommendations

Get knowledge recommendations specific to your work. No need to search when you get the best, relevant knowledge pushed to you

3 way calendar sync.jpg

Never miss a service appointment (3-way calendar sync)

Satisfied customers are the best advocated. Show up every time, on time. Differentiate on your commitment and service value. Access synchronized calendars from CRM, Outlook, and your smartphone in a single, intuitive view.

Integrated calendars

Integrate with your personal, as well as work outlook calendar. Access one view of your work tasks, outlook calendar on your smartphone

Proactive calendar notifications

Get notifications and reminders regarding your work throughout the day

Connected with your CRM

Access your CRM calendar at the same time. Synchronize calendars three-way between outlook, CRM, and mobile

always connected.jpg

Always connected, even without Wifi

Your service team is in the field. Never let them lose sight of the work. Access work information regardless of the location, or network connectivity.

Smart data caching

Intelligent caching of data that is required. Keep it light, and make it fast

Remote data synchronization

Access data locally on your smart devices without needing to connect with your data platform

Offline access

Access your business-critical information offline. Don’t let the low bandwidth and connectivity issues affect your productivity

work unfinished.jpg

Never leave the work unfinished

Compliance and SLAs are key to any successful service businesses, and are often missed during manual processes. Automate work forms based on geo-location, and asset type. Never miss compliance and SLAs.

Geo-fencing based Workflows

Automate work based on geo-fencing. Pop-up work forms, trigger actions, send communication and notifications based on geo-fence monitoring

Native Forms Synchronized with your CRM

Launch work forms designed in your CRM directly on the field technician’s smart device

Signature on Glass

Capture signatures on the glass and submit the work request

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