Transform enterprise data into smart, schemaless data for smart devices. Provide cloud scale and high reliability.

goDeskless Data Cloud Platform: Data Management, Reporting, and Analytics Rolled into One

Create schemaless data for easy consumption

goDeskless Data Cloud simplifies and streamlines data consumption by transforming relational CRM data into schemaless business entities. Get the data you need the moment you need it.

Real time data indexing

All data captured by the goDeskless Cloud Data from smart applications are processed and indexed in real-time. End users access information that is updated every few milliseconds, ensuring tasks and processes are based on fresh data.

Remote Data synchronization & offline data capture

goDeskless Data Cloud synchronizes with existing CRMs, ensuring data version singularity across the enterprise. Offline data capture automatically indexes any offline data once the system goes back online.

Provide auto scaling in the cloud

goDeskless data cloud can scale to process data from millions of smart devices. True cloud scaling is achieved by auto-scaling the cloud infrastructure with no impact to the end user accessing or writing data.

Single information hub for all smart applications

goDeskless Cloud gathers enterprise data from disparate enterprise sources and manages them all in a single, unified platform. End-users enjoy an integrated, 360-degree picture of their operations. Plus, they can delve deeper for a more detailed, granular look.

Predictive analytics at your fingertips

Schemaless data formatting and storage enables goDeskless to combine information and automatically generate comprehensive dashboards and reports without impacting the CRM. Embedded AI capability runs predictive analytics algorithms, supplying data-driven recommendations when needed.

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