Opportunities don't wait for you to get back to your desk

A super app that transforms the sales team to be truly deskless Enhance your pipeline visibility, account engagement, and productivity.

All-mobile Experience

Role-aware mobile experience for sales teams – both for sales executives, and managers OR Your CRM Sales management on the go at your fingertips

Available Anytime, Everywhere

Don’t let the connectivity affect your work. Access critical sales, and account information regardless of your connectivity status

Connected with your CRM

Pre-integrated with top CRM Sales applications for closed-loop experience

Win deals with faster approvals and decisions

Stay ahead of the competition. Close more deals by automating the tedious, time-consuming manual approval processes.

Automated note for approval (NFA)

Industry-standard processes now built-in to achieve faster deal flow and close

Push notifications to approvers

Close deals fasters by taking timely decisions. Get notified of updated and stay on top of your deal flow

Built-in team collaboration

Collaborate with the team on the opportunity to create a single communication dashboard and track the progress

Access your pipeline anywhere, even without wifi

Your sales team is in the field. Never let them lose sight of the deals. Access sales pipeline data regardless of the location, or network connectivity.

Smart data caching

Intelligent caching of data that is required. Keep it light, and make it fast

Remote data synchronization

Access data locally on your smart devices without needing to connect with your data platform

Offline access

Access your business-critical information offline. Don’t let the low bandwidth and connectivity issues affect your productivity

View the single source of truth via Unified Dashboard

Many times, data resides in multiple silos. Give your sales team a single, unified view of the right information regardless of the source.

Data federation

Collate data from multiple sources to create a cloud data lake

Data federation

Collate data from multiple sources to create a cloud data lake

Enterprise data connectors

Out of the box connectors to your enterprise platforms eliminate the complex system integration challenges

Analyze market potential, track pipeline, and gain insights to move deals

General reports make most sales teams reactive when it comes to prioritizing, and making next moves. Derive insights quickly from role-driven personalized dashboards that allow you to model data against multiple dimensions.

Role-based reports

View your roll-up pipeline data and dashboards for better insights

Change roles dynamically

“Log-in” is a forcing function. Access role-specific information by simply changing your role within the app, and without having to re-login

Multi-dimensional Insights

Dynamically generate reports by modelling data on various dimensions including roles, geography, product, business drivers, and many more

Achieve agreed upon sales targets and outcomes within schedule

Let machine learning assist you in understanding the deal dynamics. Move deals ahead using the predictions from our machine learning driven recommendation engine.

Recommendation Engine

Get recommendations deal flow as well as team operations & productivity

Predictive Analytics

Analyse deal probability based on customer sentiment

Similarity Analysis

View and analyse similar deals won or lost to gain better insights into deal flow

Never miss a sales appointment (3-way calendar sync)

Don’t make your customer wait for you. Access synchronized calendars from CRM, Outlook, and your smartphone in a single, intuitive view.

Integrated calendars

Integrate with your personal, as well as work calendars. Access one view of your sales activities and outlook calendar on your smartphone

Proactive calendar notifications

Get notifications and reminders regarding your follow-ups throughout the day

Connected with your CRM

Access your CRM calendar at the same time. Synchronize calendars three-way between outlook, CRM, and mobile

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