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  • Asset-driven dynamic scheduling
  • Asset-service history dashboards
  • Built-in support for Managed Service Providers
  • Automated assignments based on location, skills, and resource availability

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ITSM service tickets can vary from simple to extremely challenging. The inability of technicians to connect and engage customers plus limited access to ticket information significantly adds to the downtime of IT assets, resulting in substantial financial loss and dissatisfied customers. WIth goDeskless ITSM solutions, technicians have a clear view of their clients' tickets as well as other essential information, allowing them to assess the issue, determine if it requires a site visit or not, and even resolve problems without coming to the actual site. Through visibility, collaboration, communication, and reporting, ITSM companies can increase efficiency, provide quality service, and still keep operational costs manageable.

Companies need to start adapting to the deskless revolution if they want to stay afloat and weather these turbulent times.

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