IT Does Your Tech Stack Address the Needs of Frontline Workers?

There are many solutions available to help teams work better together. Slack, Microsoft Teams and Facebook Workplace offer real-time communication but are designed for the desk worker. When deskless workers try to use these same tools,they end up frustrated because they simply aren’t built for their needs. As a result, communication breaks down and to fill the void, employees turn to unsecured consumer applications.

These apps leave the business vulnerable to various security risks, on top of being void of any management and administrative capabilities. With a mobile-first solution built for deskless industries, frontline workers can get the real-time support they need, without putting the business at risk.

Reliable and Secure Communication Platform

With an intuitive interface, much like that of the consumer apps employees use every day, Zinc is a simple, professional, and familiar app that employees love using.

  • Easy to use and available across all devices, Zinc drives high adoption
  • Track user activity in the analytics dashboard to keep implementation on track
  • Use Zinc to coordinate the rollout of other software

Zinc is always secure, private, and HIPAA compliant. You own all data and content and never have to worry that an unintended party has access to business information.

  • End-to-end military grade encryption
  • HIPAA, Soc 2 Type II, ISO 27001, and TRUSTe compliance
  • Multi-factor Authentication

Zinc’s Admin Console makes it easy to roll out across the workforce, no matter how many users. Your organization will be up and running on Zinc in a matter of days.

  • Automatically import users and groups using Microsoft Active Directory Sync
  • Easily set user and group-level policies and permissions in the Admin Console
  • Ensure only current employees, contractors and vendors have access

Unlike with consumer messaging apps, you are in full control of all data in the Zinc app and can set policies that best match your organization’s needs.

  • Have ownership of all communication data
  • Easily recover archived data and export message histories
  • Manage policies for all groups, conversations, folders, and lists

Don’t waste time and money on multiple apps

There is a dizzying amount of communication apps available for companies. Oftentimes multiple apps are deployed to serve the single purpose of connecting employees with the people and information they need to get work done.

Whether it’s email, WhatsApp, Skype or FB messenger, none of these apps effectively address all communication modes nor all use cases. Watch this fun 2-minute video to see how a new app is making these apps a thing of the past.

Why Choose Zinc?

How Does Zinc Compare? All Mode Enterprise Communication Desk Based Enterprise Collaboration Point Solutions Push to Talk
Zinc i.e. Slack, MS Teams/Skype, Cisco Spark, Flock i.e. Social Chorus, Dynamic Signal i.e. Zello, Voxer
All Mode (text, voice, video, push to talk, content) Available Not Available Not Available Not Available
One to many corporate communication Available Not Available Available Not Available
Purpose built for deskless workflows Available Not Available Available Available
Mobile first Available Not Available Not Available Not Available
Purpose built for deskless workflows Available Not Available Not Available Not Available
Enterprise-grade secure & compliant (SOC 2, HIPAA, TrustArc, FIPS 140-2) Available Available Partially Available Not Available

Get Employees on a Secure Enterprise Platform

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