Common enterprise features extended to smart devices with a simple plug and play interface

goDeskless Enterprise Cloud: Enterprise Features as Reusable Microservices

Secure Authentication made simple

goDeskless enterprise cloud provides common enterprise services like authentication, role-based data access as reusable services that can be easily embedded into smart device applications.

Localization provided for global application deployments

Corporations with global reach benefit greatly from localization. goDeskless Enterprise Cloud enables international enterprises to fully localize their apps and business processes without performing specific customizations.

Declarative UI Simplifies Deskless Business Process Management

A declarative framework, paired with a dynamic user interface, enables a single administrator to define, manage, and configure rules for their deskless business processes.

Access critical data and applications anytime and anywhere, even offline

Modular, reusable goDeskless services enable mobile apps to run even when offline and automatically sync once connectivity is restored. Conflicts and changes are automatically resolved and updated as well.

Quick real time unstructured search like consumer applications

Unstructured searching for enterprise application data is complicated. goDeskless Enterprise Cloud simplifies the process, providing users with a data search functionality akin to consumer applications.

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