Excel in the opportunity to exceed your customer's expectations

Get closer to the customer than ever. Deliver differentiated service experience, Where they are - on the smartphones

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All mobile

Mobile experience for both dispatchers/managers, as well as field technicians

Available Offline

Don’t let the connectivity affect your work. Access critical operations/tasks and information regardless of your connectivity status

Connected with your CRM

Pre-integrated with top CRM field service applications for closed-loop experience

engage with your customers

Engage with your customers where they are - on their smartphones

Deliver quality support and knowledge to your customers right where they want it: on their smartphones. SnapHelp lets you support your customers on their smartphones directly from your CRM desktop.

Intuitive user experience

Designed to bring customer service advisors quickly upto speed with minimal user training

Case management

Fully integrated with the case management processes for end-to-end service experience

Proactive notifications

Notifications delivered within your CRM desktop. Never miss an opportunity to interact with the customer again


Deliver rich, consumer-app like engagement from within your CRM desktop

Smartphones have consumerized the user experience with the advent of social, media, as well as collaboration apps. Deliver the same experience from within your enterprise app and engage your customers far more effectively.

Social collaboration

Administer curated collaboration from your CRM application

Community/Advisor Chat

Promote personalized engagement experience while encouraging the community-driven self-service engagement – both at the same time

Proactive answers

Push the right answers to address customer’s questions with pinpoint accuracy from within the CRM application


Enrich knowledgebase as you service the customers

Best way of solving customer’s questions is to empower them with knowledge, and promote community collaboration. Capture the resolutions and turn them into answers.

Tag cloud

Mark your answers with tag to create a tag cloud. Let our natural language processing engine do the rest to turn in to an answer for your next customer

Similar Questions/Cases

Leverage your service history to promote faster resolution. Best answers come from solved cases, so recommend the answers that solve cases and remarkably increase the “first call resolution (FCR)” rates

Recommended Answers

Get top answers with single click without having to search for them. Save time, and significantly cut down the “mean time to resolution (MTTR)”

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Personalize the experience via video chat

Make your customers feel that they’re special. Walk them through to solve their problems. Significantly increase first call resolution (FCR). Avoid costly call backs and long tail service experience.

CRM Video Chat

Video chat with your customers on their smartphones from within your CRM application. Solve customer issues via visually guiding them through resolutions

Faster resolutions

Pictures are better than words. Videos are better than pictures. Speed-up the level-2/3 support resolutions by using recorded videos

Shorten training time

Leverage past resolution videos to train new employees


Intuitive “power tools” to expedite resolution and increase revenue opportunities

Solve questions in the first interaction with the help of built-in “power tools”. Mine the data and recommend the right answers.

Recommended Answers & Favourites

One-click access to best, relevant answers. No need to search. Bookmark frequently used answers and push them to the customers with one click

Similar Questions

Mine the service records to find similar questions and recommend the answers that solved them with one click

Push Relevant Marketing Offers

Push marketing offers to customers on their smartphones with one click

embedded experience.jpg

Embedded experience that significantly cuts training time

Engage with your customers on their smartphones from within your CRM application. An embedded user interface that is so intuitive that it needs no training and requires no customization.

Intuitive employee experience

Simple, but smart and highly intelligent experience that significantly increases productivity and customer intimacy

Embedded, not customized

Simply embed – don’t customize. Natively pre-integrated with your choice of CRM application

Quick time to market

The plug-in experience that enables you to deliver differentiated customer engagement within hours

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