Add More To Your Existing CRM Technology

  • Provide “Last Mile Service” to your customers
  • Add video-call to your Customer Service and elevate the First Call Resolution (FCR)
  • Engage customers where they are - on their smartphones!
  • Add Field Service to your CRM without paying the Field Service licenses.

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Field service personnel deployed with desk-bound CRM technology and tools struggle to effectively engage with their customers and deliver quality, personalized service. With goDeskless, enterprises get powerful, out-of-the-box CRM connectors that seamlessly integrate with the world's leading in-house customer relationship management applications. goDeskless CRM technology integration helps field service workers access customer information anytime and anywhere. This unhindered accessibility allows them to effectively engage customers and deliver a rich engagement experience.

Companies need to start adapting to the deskless revolution if they want to stay afloat and weather these turbulent times.

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