Leveraging AI-Powered Vaccine Management Platforms to Automate and Streamline Vaccination Efforts

Leveraging AI-Powered Vaccine Management Platforms to Automate and Streamline Vaccination Efforts

For a few months now, governments around the world have started their nationwide roll-outs of the COVID-19 vaccine. However, since a pandemic of this scale is unprecedented, vaccine management has encountered some implementation issues. These range from the logistical challenges with getting the vaccine rolled out quickly to the populace, to questions on how best to distribute the vaccine to the general population.

Like all modern challenges the human race is facing, having the right technology is key. With the help of artificial intelligence and machine learning, healthcare organizations and government agencies can deploy automated vaccine management platforms to overcome logistical and ethical hurdles to achieve their vaccination goals.

Stumbling Blocks to Effective Vaccine Management

As nations around the world scrambled to start the distribution of the highly anticipated COVID-19 vaccine, valid concerns about politicization, safety, and mistrust have begun to put a wrench on the vaccination initiative. According to the American Psychological Association, these barriers contribute to “vaccine hesitancy,” defined as a delay in acceptance or refusal of vaccines despite availability.

There is also the matter of vaccination eligibility. Multiple parties and invested stakeholders involved in vaccination efforts are plagued with concerns and issues as to how healthcare agencies determine who to prioritize and the first in line to be scheduled for a vaccination.

However, the current situation surrounding the vaccine is calling out for a different approach. Not everyone will want to be vaccinated, and not everyone who wants to be vaccinated should get their dose immediately.

Automate Vaccine Management with GoDeskless

The GoDeskless software is already custom-built for mobile-native, field service scenarios, making it a perfect vaccine management system on the field. It automates time-intensive processes such as data gathering, patient registrations, vaccine deliveries, and more.

GoDeskless field service solutions can be tailored to perform unique business processes, in this case, COVID-19 vaccine management. Once customized, GoDeskless can be deployed to help hospitals, healthcare organizations, and government agencies in getting the COVID-19 vaccines to everyone.

A vaccination program involves large-scale deployment of healthcare workers in the field and far from their health care facility. With GoDeskless platform’s native field service capabilities, healthcare workers assigned to vaccination efforts become more effective and productive, reaching more patients and achieving their COVID-19 inoculation targets.

Patients who seek vaccination can simply log on to a web portal designated by their respective county health departments, healthcare providers, and other health agencies. Upon successful registration, the system will generate a visit request on the GoDeskless app.

Leveraging AI, the GoDeskless vaccine management system can then create a schedule for the patient based on the prevailing criteria set by the COVID-19 vaccine provider or agency. It can automatically show vaccine availability, inoculation schedules, vaccine related notifications, and other updates on the patient’s mobile device. This will ensure that they are well informed and ready to make all the necessary preparations and precautions before getting the shot.

The Role of Effective Vaccine Management in COVID-19 Vaccination

Research suggests building trust and providing information about vaccines can mitigate gaps in vaccination uptake. This is where automated, mobile-native vaccine management tools come into play. Guillaume de Zwirek, CEO of Well Health, says that leveraging automation and AI technology is the best strategy to complement vaccination outreach and streamline scheduling and roll outs for the COVID vaccine.

As vaccination efforts ramp up, additional complexities stemming from new vaccine management workflows, documentation procedures, follow-ups, and patient monitoring processes will surface. These issues, plus the massive influx of patients lining up to get their doses, are putting current intake and scheduling processes under severe stress.

Patients are healthcare consumers. Like any other consumers, patients demand personalization when it comes to communication from providers. Personalization also helps drive patient/healthcare consumer loyalty, especially as the world is heading towards recovery.

Providers need to scale up their patient engagement strategies. To do that, they need to use new technology, like artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to automate vaccine scheduling and streamline the delivery and inoculation of the population.

Last mile service from providers should be engaging, seamless, and transparent. Providers must be able to directly engage their patients immediately and effortlessly at this particular stage, especially when patients have unique demands or if there are unexpected changes to their vaccination schedule.

Using a platform that is custom-built for a deskless setting can help organizations meet all these vaccination challenges.

Using AI To Gather and Leverage Critical Patient Data

Data collection is another area where AI shines as a vaccination enabler and accelerator. This is important, given that 72% of patients are willing to share COVID-related information with their providers.

Gathering data from patients and non-patients used to be a manual process, which would expose researchers to unnecessary risks posed by COVID-19.

But with the advent of AI-powered patient engagement solutions, healthcare providers can harvest patient data from a myriad of sources – text, surveys, emails, phone calls, and chats – safely and remotely.

Real-World Impact of AI in Vaccination Scheduling

Determining eligible patients for scheduling and vaccination involves multiple factors including age, medical condition, exposure, vaccine supply, and current demand. Processing these factors manually is slow and lacking. This is another area where patient engagement solutions integrated with AI can step in.

With the help of an AI-powered vaccine management solution, a healthcare provider in Minnesota managed to pinpoint and prioritize patients for COVID-19 inoculation. By gathering patient data across different sources and analyzing it using a custom algorithm, the AI managed to narrow down the pool of qualified patients from 85,000 individuals.

A popular pharmacy chain also utilizes AI for vaccination scheduling. Patients eligible for vaccination are notified by AI patient communication solutions of their schedule based on the availability of vaccines through communication channels they prefer (call, SMS, web portal, and email).

Judging by these figures, it’s evident that AI can positively impact COVID-19 vaccination schedules and eliminate vaccination hesitancy and eligibility.

Patient engagement strategies crafted to expedite COVID-19 vaccination efforts must leverage AI to further enhance their effectiveness and increase their chance of success. With AI-powered patient engagement platforms, providers and organizations charged with vaccination programs can realize their goals and deliver vaccines to the population in a very efficient, safe, and secure manner.

Streamline COVID Scheduling with GoDeskless

At GoDeskless, we can offer healthcare providers and companies vwith a unified, mobile-native application for data gathering, communication, collaboration, reporting, and monitoring.

Integrated with AI and ML, the GoDeskless platform easily interfaces with existing medical websites, online health portals, medical CRMs, EHRs, and ERPs, useful integrations in streamlining COVID-19 vaccination efforts.

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