The Deskless Revolution: Emerging Mobile Workforce and The Need to Go Deskless

It’s been nearly two decades since traditional CRMS were introduced and impacted both customer experience and the success for business-to-business (B2B) enterprises. But recent events, including a global health crisis and rapid technology advances, have spurred changes in various aspects of business: business models, mobile workforce, customer experience, communications, and more.


The business world has gone deskless. Traditional CRMs, as helpful as they were, have reached their expiry date. Still, many enterprises continue to rely on CRMs instead of transforming. Suddenly, these enterprises now find themselves struggling. Companies need to start adapting to the deskless revolution if they want to stay and weather these turbulent times. With the goDeskless platform, enterprises can:

Provide customers with relevant experience by removing experience friction (no more waiting on-hold and 4-hour windows).

Leverage the consumers’ own devices instead of spending/investing on devices for field personnel.

Drastically reducing OpEx up to five times less by removing the ‘middleman’.

Experience quick growth and expansion, since there is no need to onboard employees on managing a system.

Tradition Must Give Way To Innovation

An estimated 2.7 billion people, or about 80% of the global labor population, are deskless. That many people belong to the mobile workforce. These deskless employees spend most of their working hours away from the office desk. You find them in major industries including agriculture, construction, transportation, healthcare, and retail to mention a few.

For a long time, these mobile workforce employees have used traditional CRMs to perform their tasks instead of mobile workforce solutions designed for their roles and functions. Enterprises must recognize that traditional CRMs aren’t going to cut it. These platforms fail to deliver an Uber-like experience their consumers and workers have grown accustomed to. Tradition must give way to innovation.

From Tethered to Untethered: Go Deskless Now

Customers demand the same experience. They want to be untethered from desk-based tools. If Uber can deliver such experience, why can't your brand?

Investing in an AI-powered workforce automation platform is critical to this transition. You maintain your status quo in terms of your CRM investment. At the same time, it allows you to place that Uber-like layer of engagement.

goDeskless is the platform to do just that. The goDeskless OneCloud is an AI-driven, cloud-based business experience transformation platform specifically designed for smart devices. It helps corporations deliver the deskless business experience and elevates their engagement experience with customers at a fraction of the cost of customization.

With the increasing ubiquity and prevalence of mobile apps and the undeniable growth of the deskless workforce, the deskless economy is indeed upon us. The question is, is your enterprise equipped to meet new requirements and expectations of this growing economy?

Do you want to know how goDeskless can elevate your business, empower your mobile workforce, and make your organization stand out in the deskless business landscape? Download our Adapting to The Deskless Revolution Whitepaper to know more.

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